Self Care Practises

Play at the beach!

It is summer which hopefully means you have a little more time to focus on you! I encourage you to try a few new self-care exercises this summer. Maybe you’ll even like some of them and end up incorporating them into your daily life. You never know until you’ve tried, right?

  • Dry brushing - get rid of dry skin and get the blood circulation going
  • Give yourself a manicure & pedicure (this one is NOT intended for girls only)
  • Foot Massage - either by yourself or a friend
  • Face mask time - steam, put on a mask, cover your eyes, and relax
  • Take a long hot bath
  • Take an ice-cold shower - very tempting right now!
  • Go for a long walk without your phone
  • Play! Play with your pet, your lover or your kids. Deep belly laughs are therapeutic!
  • Practice five minutes of deep breathing through your nose
  • Making Lists - write it all down and get it out of your head
  • Exercise - try something new! Zumba? Spinning? Yoga? Weights?
  • Or maybe you need to try skipping exercise!
  • Meditation - try downloading an app and use that for 15 minutes a day
  • Scrap-booking - create a collage of all the things you imagine for yourself
  • Practice Gratefulness - write down five things every night that you’re grateful for, from chocolate to your mom! ( I stole this one from Oprah!)
  • Yoga - a few sun salutations on the living-room floor can do you so much good and get the day started just right